Commanding Presence Online: Advanced Public Speaking, Presentation, and Meeting Skills Training Program

Date and Time

Starts:07/19/2017 12:00 AM

Ends:07/19/2056 11:30 PM

7 Hours Hour(s)


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Commanding Presence

Over the past 20 years, John Plank, a top communication and presentation coach, delivered his Commanding Presence workshop to thousands of lawyers, accountants, senior executives, project managers, and professionals throughout North America and the UK. Using video recordings and materials from our most popular and transformational units, we have created a comprehensive and in-depth public speaking and presentation skills program.

This world-class online program is designed for professionals who want to increase their effectiveness and personal performance when speaking in all situations, including one-on-one, meetings, and large audience presentations.

The program consists of video lectures that are segmented into entertaining clips that average 10 minutes in length. In addition to video, the program also contains resources downloads, exercises, quizzes and discussion boards.

At the end of this online program, participants will be able to think on their feet and respond persuasively and eloquently in one-on-one situations, meetings, and large audience presentations. Participants will become more charismatic communicators, learn how to control the room while speaking, rediscover the power of their natural voice, and much more.


Learning objectives:

At the end of this program, participants will be able to...

Master Eloquent Speaking

  • Think on their feet and respond persuasively and eloquently in one-on-one situations, meetings and large audience presentations
  • Effectively use the Focus Method of communicating complex ideas and thoughts
  • Create a speech draft in 45 minutes that is persuasive and designed to be remembered
  • Manage their fear of speaking

Become a Charismatic Communicator

  • Master charismatic communication skills, such as how to "be in the moment"
  • Make sincere eye contact
  • Speak effectively from notes
  • Become a compelling speaker

Control the Room

  • Utilize effective platform and meetings skills
  • Learn powerful gestures and movement while communicating
  • Understand how to best use technical equipment

Rediscover the Power of their Natural Voice

  • Assess and evaluate their voice quality
  • Manage their speaking anxiety with relaxation techniques


Who should attend?

Any professional who acts in a leadership role or must utilize public speaking skills.