On-Demand Webcast: Hire Immigrants: Your Gateway to Tools, Resources and Global Talent

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Starts:09/26/2016 12:00 AM

Ends:09/27/2056 11:30 PM

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Skills gaps and the challenges they present span across industries, sectors and regions. These challenges have no borders – so neither should your talent.

Recruiting global professionals can provide your organization with world-class talent, but many organizations still haven’t seized the opportunity to learn more about the benefits and business case of hiring skilled immigrants.

Join HRPA and speaker Louie Di Palma of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce to learn practical tips, tools and resources for recruiting and retaining skilled immigrants – and learn how Hire Immigrants, in partnership with Magnet, acts as a valuable resource in connecting businesses with top global talent.

Learning objectives:

<  Understanding current labour market challenges and opportunities;

<  Developing insight into skilled immigrant workforce dynamics;

<  Evaluating the business case for hiring immigrants;

<  Understanding what Magnet and Hire Immigrants are – and why you should use them;

<  Learning how to source and hire talent;

<  Understanding effects such as the “Diversity Filter.”

Who should attend:

Human resources managers, generalists, department managers and business owners who are interested in learning about labour market challenges and the business case for hiring skilled immigrants.

Speaker bio(s)
Louie Di Palma, Director- SME Programs & Global Growth Fund

As the Director of SME Programs, Louie is responsible for developing and implementing initiatives of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce that are designed to strengthen the business climate of Ontario and support our members by providing them with access to resources. During his career with the Government of Ontario, Louie held a number of senior management positions in policy, planning and direct operations with several Ministries including the Ministry of the Solicitor General and Correctional Services, the Ministry of Tourism and Recreation and the Ministry of Health Promotion.