Change Leadership Masterclass for HR Professionals

Date and Time

Starts:04/18/2023 10:00 AM

Ends:04/27/2023 12:00 PM

Registration Closes:04/17/2023 3:00 PM

Event Type: Workshop

8 CPD Hour(s)

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What Human Resource professional is not involved with change? HR work lies at the critical intersection of business and people. That intersection is a very turbulent place these days.

This Masterclass provides a comprehensive, systems - based approach into what is required to increase the leadership capacity in dynamically changing organizations. It is a series of four-part workshop that cover all aspects of capacity building to ensure successful change. It covers topics including helping individuals and groups change, creating a career that will thrive in this job-insecure world, leading change, communicating change, effective project teams as well as guiding change. Numerous practical resources are provided to support the engaging presentations shared throughout the program.

HR Professionals will find this an invaluable learning opportunity to increase your tool kit and expand your capacity to be an indispensable resource throughout your changing organization.


Learning Objectives:

• Explore a holistic, practical, and readily applicable approach to helping organizations change.

• Deepen your capacity to support and guide your organization through complex change.

• Apply useful models and tools to increase your organizations capacity for sustaining successful change.


Learning Outcomes

1. Deepen and strengthen the capacity for HR to add substantial value by applying strategy, change, transition and communication competencies throughout the changing organization.

2. Develop a comprehensive approach to ensure successful change by supporting individuals, teams, and leaders at all levels through increasingly complex change.

3. Explore how HR Professionals can improve their consulting, helping, and other application skills when guiding change in their organization.

4. Outline a plan for HR to become a more vital, effective resource to help leaders, project teams, managers and employees ensure change is successful


Who should attend this program?

This Masterclass is essential for professionals who are involved with initiating, supporting, and facilitating change. People who benefit most from attending this program are HR, Learning and Development, Organizational Development and Communication Professionals.


Program Agenda

April 18 - Session 1: Helping Organizations Change

  • Why HR & Guiding Change?
  • Introduction to Guiding Change Principles
  • Understand Your Own Case Study
  • Helping People & Groups Change

April 20 - Session 2: Leading Change Part 1

  • Understanding the System
  • Simplify & Engage the Strategy
  • Align & Implement all the Changes

April 25 - Session 3: Leading Change Part 2

  • Leading People Through Transition
  • Enhancing Communication
  • Keep All the People Moving Forward Together

April 27 - Session 4: Guiding Change

  • Capacity Building in Changing Organizations
  • Helpful Skills
  • The Ideal Intervention
  • Consulting & Guiding Change
  • Now, What Are You Going to Do?

Speaker bio(s)
Chris Edgelow, Founder & President of Sundance Consulting Inc.

Chris Edgelow is the Founder & President of Sundance Consulting Inc. an organization dedicated to providing consulting, training, and learning resources to help organizations change.

For more than 30 years, Chris has helped hundreds of HR Professionals around the world increase their capacity to guide change in their organization more effectively.

He has taught at the university level and is a sought-after speaker at many conferences each year.

Always engaging and very practical in his approach, Chris shares a wealth of knowledge and experience. He has developed a comprehensive, yet practical approach to leading change along with numerous helpful resources to be applied in any changing organization.