Durham: March 31, 2021 Building your Job Search Plan ENG Session #2

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Starts:03/31/2021 6:00 PM

Ends:03/31/2021 8:00 PM

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Durham: March 31, 2021  Building your Job Search Plan

Having a well developed resume is very important to your job search.  But where do you go from there?  Having a job search plan is just as important! 

In this session you will discover how to set up a plan, and determine your need to narrow or broaden your job search parameters. 

This is useful if you are overwhelmed by the number of jobs that are available, or conversely are not getting think you are not getting enough visibility because there aren't enough jobs!  


6:00 pm Opening Remarks

6:15 pm Presentation

7:30 pm Questions & Answers

7:45 pm Closing Remarks

8:00 pm Adornment 

Speaker bio(s)
Jill  Holliday, Principal

Jill is a passionate learning advocate that consistently delivers on talent development and business strategy with over 25 years corporate experience in financial, manufacturing and customer service environments. Her belief is that learning is an integral, not additional, component of successful business strategy. Her approach to exceeding client expectations is establishing a solid relationship based on practical workplace results. She believes that the only way to drive and manage change towards a progressive business environment is to partner with the business. Following a planned approach to introducing change, implementing change and maintaining an open and innovative environment is key to being successful in this ever changing landscape. Through her work with over 300 executives and 6000 people managers at CIBC she introduced transformative leadership dynamics realized in significant return on investment. By creating and fostering meaningful connections with her teams, Jill is accomplished in inspiring, coaching and developing teams to execute on Organizational Strategy. She actively fosters creativity and innovation in the design and development of learning solutions to build the leadership pipeline. Jill is a founding and former chapter chair of the Institute for Performance and Learning (formerly Canadian Society of Training and Development) Durham Chapter. The Durham Chapter brings speakers and networking opportunities to the local learning and development community. Jill has served on the Business Advisory Board for the Durham Region Local Training Board, briefly as chairperson and leading their committee for Local Training Board recruitment. And she is currently a Professional Development committee member and is a leader on the Career Transition Networking Group on the Human Resources Professional Association Durham Region. Jill is a practicing believer of life-long learning. She completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology on a part time basis and graduated, after 10 years of study, on the Dean`s List.