HR Power Lunch: Take the thinking out of thinking: How to mitigate unconscious bias

Date and Time

Starts:02/14/2023 12:00 PM

Ends:02/14/2023 1:30 PM

Registration Closes:02/10/2023 10:45 AM

Event Type: Webinar Series

1.5 Hour(s)



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Dr. Aaron Barth, Founder and President of Dialectic, will equip participants with the tools they need to better understand how to create, encourage and maintain a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Backed up by data and evidence from the behavioural and social sciences, Aaron will show you why most organizations are mitigating unconscious bias the wrong way - and how you can do it right.

Aaron will explain why organizations should stop wasting their money on ineffective training and instead focus on implementing the right tools and resources in your workplace environment to nudge employees away from their usual bias.

Dr. Barth will show you why radically person-centred DEI training can be more effective, more convenient, and offer greater ROI than typical in-person de-biasing sessions. Best of all, he’s showing you how you can do it, too.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn evidence-based tactics that attendees can use right away to mitigate unconscious bias and improve inclusion within their workplace
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the science behind effective diversity and inclusion training
  • Learn why radically person-centred DEI training can be more effective than typical in-person de-biasing sessions

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Registration Closes: Feburary 12 @ 8:00 AM

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Speaker bio(s)
Aaron Barth

Aaron Barth, thought-leader and president of Dialectic, gives progressive leaders the confidence and tools they need to tackle the unconscious biases that block true inclusion by using scientific methods and innovative technological solutions. Aaron draws from the latest science to dig below the surface to reveal the barriers and enablers of healthy and productive workplaces. Dr. Barth’s engaging presence comes from a decade of experience showing how audiences can foster diversity, equity and inclusion within their organizations, which in turn, will lead to a healthier workplace environment. He believes while awareness is important in eliminating systemic issues in the workplace, taking action is the only road to change. Years of speaking behind him, Aaron can carefully tailor his talk to meet the needs of your event and energize your crowd. Attendees will leave with the solutions they need to create real, measurable change and achieve organizational excellence.