Toronto 06.03.21 The RoadMap to Change - Exploring the Canadian Experience Myth

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Starts:06/03/2021 5:00 PM

Ends:06/03/2021 7:30 PM

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The Road Map to Change - Exploring the “Canadian Experience” Myth

For One Night Only, presenting an amazing Double Feature: Nav Bhatia, Raptors SuperFan, and Nick Noorani are sharing their experience, wisdom & insights with the Employment Networking Group!

Limited spots are available so don’t delay, register today. Join us for what will surely be an awe-inspiring, (Super)fantastic, slam dunk of an evening!

We are a country of immigrants. Over 21% of the Canadian population is made up of people who once called another country “home”. We embrace and celebrate this diversity as one of our greatest strengths. But then why do we so often hear “Do you have Canadian Experience?” in job advertisements and interviews?

How do we reconcile our proud tradition of welcoming newcomers to Canada while justifying not hiring them, despite their having years of diverse and practical (if not universal) work experience in their homelands?

Our two speakers will share their success stories, illustrating that the struggle is real but can be overcome with perseverance and resilience and, furthermore, that the positive economic benefit can be huge for any company that truly and wholeheartedly embraces diversity!

This unique event will be sure to educate, inspire and entertain. Those who have experienced similar journeys will relate, those who haven’t will be enlightened, and everyone, regardless of their personal journeys, will learn, grow and enjoy!

Learning Opportunities

  • Start with “why”; learn the positive business outcomes and significant contributions that can be gained from hiring new immigrants
  • Understand, as outlined by the Ontario Rights Tribunal, the risks associated with the “Canadian Experience” requirement and prima facie discrimination
  • Learn how a “Canadian Experience” requirement must pass the legal test for a bona fide occupational requirement
  • Learn how to uncover your unconscious bias in interviewing and shed light on some of the myths and misperceptions that may be fueling this bias.
  • Increase empathy, understanding & insight to better address, relate, respond and initiate positive change
  • Understanding how resilience comes from within and plays an essential part in one’s career and in everyday life
  • Learning how motivation, determination, hard work, and stick-to-itiveness can pave the way to both professional and personal success
  • Finding strength in overcoming racial disparity, discrimination, and adversity


5:00 pm   Naseem 'Nick' Noorani Presentation
5:30 pm   Q&A
6:00 pm   Nav Bhatia |The Raptors Super Fan Presentation
6:30 pm   Q&A
7:00 pm    Wrap Up

Speaker bio(s)
Nick Noorani

Nick Noorani, a respected authority on improving immigrant outcomes for both the individual and the Canadian economy as a whole. Bestselling author of “Arrival Survival Canada”, founder of “Canadian Immigrant Magazine” and Founder/President of “Prepare for Canada”. Nick has been an advisor to the Federal Government and municipal governments on immigrant issues. He has also been closely involved in creating content for “Welcome to Canada” - The Government of Canada’s official publication for immigrants. Sharing research and data, Nick will empower us as HR professionals with the economic “why” that can be used as the foil to drive change; the hard facts as to how diversity, inclusion and immigrant integration can lead directly to the attainment of real business outcomes; and the successful achievement of company goals and objectives. Similarly, he will share how recruitment practices and hiring decisions based on myths and misperceptions can result in the limitation or exclusion of immigrants which invariably limits competitive advantage, represents a missed opportunity, and may lead to economic disaster.

Nav Bhatia

Nav Bhatia, well-known and wildly successful businessperson and Toronto Raptors Superfan! Nav Bhatia moved to Canada in 1984, fleeing violent persecution of Sikhs in India. His story is one familiar to many newcomers to Canada. A mechanical engineer by trade, he struggled to find work upon arriving here. Pulling up his bootstraps and borne of the necessity to take care of his family in their new home, he earned a job as a car salesperson. And was he ever exceptional at it. Nav had become so successful in this challenging profession that two years later he was able to buy the entire dealership! ‘The Nav Bhatia Story’ is one of great resilience and perseverance. Being a newcomer in a foreign land, at times subject to discrimination and racism, and in spite of many other obstacles he pursued a dream. Armed with a vision, and equipped with an optimistic and unwavering belief in himself, Nav grew his business and his persona into something grander than he could have ever imagined. Exemplifying true grit, hard work, and determination, Nav has turned his story and passion for basketball into a means for bringing together Canadians and fans across the world…united through the love of sport and the spirit of giving back.