Diversity and Inclusion Certificate Program

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Starts:11/02/2021 8:00 AM

Ends:11/04/2021 2:00 PM

Registration Closes:11/05/2021 8:00 AM

Event Type: Certificate Program

18 CPD Hour(s)

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In the wake of rising and persisting social movements like #MeToo, Black Lives Matter, #StopAsianHate and more, organizations across Canada are prioritizing diversity & inclusion like never before. This means that HR professionals must be ready and able to incorporate D&I into core HR practices and analyze, improve and track the state of D&I across their workplaces. 

This program covers five key performance indicators when it comes to D&I and equips HR professionals to create a more diverse & inclusive environment.

Learning Objectives:

Module 1: Comprehensive overview of of D&I metrics and data collection basics. Participants will be knowledgeable about primary D&I metrics, and the tools needed to effectively design and implement a D&I survey.

Module 2:  Identify the key points of inclusive recruiting & hiring practices. Participants will be able to identify inhibitors of inclusion during hiring, and learn methods to attract future diverse employees.

Module 3: An overview of workplace flexibility principles and practices to build a diverse and inclusive workspace. Participants will understand the benefits of workplace flexibility for inclusion, learn strategies and flexible solutions to increase workplace flexibility for those with mental health and caregiving restraints.

Module 4: An overview of the spirit and behaviours that mark workplace allyship. Participants will understand the benefits of acknowledging the lived experiences of diverse coworkers, and have employees recognize their role and responsibility in fostering an inclusive environment.

Module 5:  An overview of unconscious bias and its implications for D&I. Participants will be able to recognize unconscious bias and be able to adopt effective strategies to manage unconscious bias.


Detailed Agenda of the program:

Each module will include a 90-minute Instructor Training session as well as a take-home assignment. There will be 2 modules carried out per day over the course of 3 days. The Program will culminate in an assessment to measure the students’ understanding of the material.

Day 1 (November 2, 2021) 

9 am - 10 am

  • Facilitator Introduction and kick-off meeting
  • Overview of the course and the learning material
  • Pairing participants with “Accountability Partners” and walking them through the Slack Community Platform to be used over the duration of the Program to carry out Activities and connect with other students  

10 pm - 11:30 am: Module 1 - Collecting & Processing D&I Data - D&I Basics

11:30 am - 1 pm: Independent Study and discussion with Accountability Partner.
Assignment 1: Read Diversio White Paper.
Assignment 2: Critically evaluate and discuss current data collection practices in your workplace compared to the framework provided by the White Paper.

1 pm - 2 pm: BREAK

2 pm - 3:30 pm: Module 2 - Inclusive Recruiting & Hiring

3:30 pm - 5 pm: Independent Study and discussion with Accountability Partner.
Assignment 1: Read the list of recruiting & hiring practices across your workplace.
Assignment 2: Review Diversio & HRPA’s Recruiting & Hiring guide and select a list of practices that could be implemented at your organization. Choose top 2 practices and create an action plan on how these could be implemented.

Day 2 (November 3, 2021)

9 am - 10:30 am: Module 3 - Workplace Flexibility - Inclusion for Caregivers

10:30 am - 12 pm: Independent Study and discussion with Accountability Partner.
Assignment 1: Review official flexible work policies at your organization with D&I lens.
Assignment 2: Complete Diversio Flex Work questionnaire and reflect on the score your organization received. Discuss your results with your Accountability Partner.

1 pm - 2:30 pm: Module 4 - Allyship in The Workplace

2:30 pm - 4 pm: Identify one way you can practice daily Allyship in your role/position. Discuss with Accountability Partner. Watch the TedTalk video: Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable and select 3-4 points that resonated the most, share these with your Accountability Partner.

Day 3 (November 4, 2021)

9am - 12 pm: Certification Assessment

  • Assessment of all concepts and ideas learned over previous two days of trainings 
  • A combination of multiple-choice as well as short- and long-answer questions

1 pm- 2 pm: Wrap up

  • Suggested next steps for participants as well as sharing materials they should be leveraging to bring a new D&I lens to their positions

Speaker bio(s)
Stephanie Dei, Director of Research Partnerships - Ryerson University

Stephanie is the Director of Research Partnerships at Ryerson, where she is committed to ensuring clients meet and exceed their diversity and inclusion goals. Stephanie previously worked with UN Women advancing gender equality and women’s economic empowerment through multi-stakeholder dialogues across the G7. Stephanie is a Special Advisor on women entrepreneurship at the Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University and the Non-Executive Director at global frontier markets risk firm DaMina Advisors. Stephanie volunteers as Vice President, Finance for the Board of Organization of Women in International Trade - Toronto Chapter. Stephanie holds a BA Honors in Political Science and Law from Carleton University, Canada, and a MA in International Studies and Diplomacy from School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.

Anna   Klimbovskaia, COO and Co-Founder of Diversio

Anna Klimbovskaia is the COO & co-founder of Diversio, a technology company that leverages data to analyze, improve, and track diversity and inclusion in the workplace. She was formerly Director of Research for the Office of the CEO at the Royal Bank of Canada, where she led RBC’s thought leadership on the Future of Work and developed RBCUpSkill, a digital tool helping Canadians build resiliency in an age of AI and workplace automation. Anna is an Advisor for the Pan-Canadian K-12 Computer Science Education Framework, a joint initiative between Canada Learning Code, Amazon and the Government of Canada.

● Degree in Psychology with a specialization in Organizational Psychology ● Past experience at the University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University leading a national study on bottom line benefits or diversity to organizational performance ● D&I Partner to the Human Resources Professionals Association

Paige Wright

● Past experience in Instructional Design and training development for multiple Fortune 500 companies ● Degrees in Psychology and Clinical Counselling, focusing on various aspects of diversity and intersectional mental health ● Published author in the academic sexuality and gender diversity space