On-Demand Webinar: Unconscious Bias: Eliminating Racism, Sexism, Homophobia and other Discrimination

Date and Time

Starts:02/02/2021 1:30 PM

Ends:02/02/2055 2:30 PM

Registration Closes:02/02/2055 8:00 AM

Event Type: Webinar

1 CPD Hour(s)



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During registration, please consider the donation option. Donated funds collected through this event registration will be equally distributed between Indspire and Black Youth Helpline, preferred charities identified by HRPA members in a recent survey.

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This webinar was live on February 2, 2021. This is an on-demand recording of the webinar.

This webinar will explore racism, sexism, homophobia and other forms of discrimination in the workplace. Participants will develop an in-depth understanding of outward discrimination as well as unconscious bias in the current work environment including key terms, strategies and tools for improvement.

41 percent of HR professionals report some degree of harassment and discrimination in their workplace compared to 16 percent of all employees across Ontario. HR Professionals are 2.6X more likely to report witnessing harassment and discrimination than the average employee across Ontario businesses. This webinar will explore ways to affectively identify and resolve biases and inappropriate behaviour in the workplace. It will also deep dive on the tools HRPA and Diversio provide HR professionals to get them started on combatting bias, discrimination and harassment in the workplace.

Learning Outcomes:

• Develop a Common Language - Define terms and discuss diversity and inclusion vocabulary in a way that the entire workforce can understand.

• Understand the Status Quo - An overview of bias and discrimination in the workplace, what is the common employee experiences

• Learn how to implement tools and strategies to eliminate bias discrimination in the workplace

• Build internal systems that encourage reporting and employees to speak up about their experiences

Target Audience: HR Professionals, Consultants

The HRPA is committed to making a profound and positive impact on Ontario's D&I policy and practice by equipping members with the tools they need to lead change and advocate on their behalf. HRPA and Diversio have partnered to offer a number of tools and resources for HRPA members and their organizations to use and to support them taking action to embrace D&I.