On-Demand Webcast: Science of Emotional Intelligence Introductory Webinar

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Starts:02/12/2019 8:00 AM

Ends:01/12/2021 8:00 AM

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Are you puzzled that people you hired with impressive resumes and a brilliant interview have not performed as you expected?

Do you want to attract and retain a talented workforce that is committed to their own development and have a unified vision of success? Are you interested in creating a company culture where individuals and teams are fully engaged and working at the top of their game?

We invite you to spend an hour with master facilitator Blair Steinbach in which he will give you a small taste of the foundational brain science behind IHHP's world class training programs— what we call, The Science of Emotional Intelligence ("the hard science behind soft skills"). You will learn about the workplace behaviours correlated with top 10% performers and examine the role emotions play in driving behaviour in individuals and across organizations. In this interactive webinar, Blair will offer insights and effective tools for creating an emotionally intelligent organization. 

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Blair Steinbach, IHHP Facilitator

A cutting-edge thinker and practitioner in personal transformation and organizational development, Blair Steinbach has the rare gift of making the complex simple. Spanning three decades, his work has taken him around the globe, working with leaders and managers across industries from small classrooms to groups of thousands. A brilliant storytelling with a compelling presence, Blair’s work is playful, honest, and courageous. Through his own open heartedness, he creates a safe environment for people to try new things, learn and transform. The learning as well as Blair’s authentic presence leave a lasting impression far beyond the classroom.

After co-founding Eagle’s Flight where he created and delivered Industry-leading Experiential Learning, Blair’s interest turned to the emerging field of Neuroscience. He joined the team at Institute for Health and Human Potential, where he became the Director of Innovation, crafting and delivering dynamic training programs that remain at the core of the IHHP offerings. In 2012, Blair moved to Dublin Ireland, where he co-founded GreenLine Conversations, travelling throughout Europe to share and expand his design and facilitation skills within the context of cross-cultural communication.

Because it is true that ‘home is where the heart is,’ Blair returned to Canada. Throughout his journey around the globe, Blair’s life mission has been to explore one compelling question: “How can I help people get out of their own way, so they can live meaningful, connected lives?” He is thrilled to be home again at IHHP and continue that work.